Spacero v1.7.19 MOD APK (God Mode) Download


Spacero is a new take on a familiar arcade action game with strategic shooting gameplay, deep hero progression and customization systems, limited time events, and raids – topped with epic autofire battles!

• Shoot Enemies with One Finger
Guide your hero to the victory by shooting hideous enemies, dodging fast bullets, and defeating epic bosses, all with autofire!

• Powerful Autofire Weapons
What is the best in a sci-fi shooter? Big weapons and autofire!
Laser guns, shotguns, lightning guns, rocket launchers and autofire FLAMETHROWERS!!

• Explore Space
Set yourself for an epic adventure through different planets! It’s time to defeat bosses through the galaxy by shooting them!

• Amazing Shooter Graphics
Experience beautiful worlds, fantastic creatures, epic loot, autofire, powerful heroes, epic shooting, and visual effects in a heroic shooter sci-fi universe!

• Rogue-like Shooting Adventure
Crawl through deadly dungeons, open chests, defeat bosses, and find the exit!
Spacero takes place in a near future where you must defend Earth from alien invasion. You are the Hero of the Galaxy, a space trooper, the only force able to defeat the oncoming waves of intelligent robots, space bugs, and even dragons in this epic Sci-Fi Shooter game.

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If you’re a fan of 3D games, shooter games, sci-fi games, archer games, action RPG games, modern combat shooters, and have a hunger to slay endless hordes of monsters as you explore new worlds, then stop waiting and download Spacero now! The world needs heroes like you!

Spacero: Sci-Fi Shooter is a shooting game similar to Archero and gives you an awe-inspiring journey through space. There will be many places that you can visit, and they all have one point, they are enemies that are always waiting to take you down. So you will increase your strength over time and combine the skills you get in battle properly. It will be a long and fascinating journey for you.


A fascinating journey with challenges awaits players as they begin to experience Spacero. They will go to many different planets, and on each planet, there will be enemies with different characteristics and strengths that you will have to confront. At the same time, you will use the weapons and powers you receive each time you level up when you gain sufficient experience. From there, you will increase in strength over time and solve problems on a specific planet.

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The gameplay of this game is completely accessible but will require an impressive dodging skill in the game. You will swipe the joystick on the screen to control the character to move to the area you see fit to attack the enemy. Also, your character will automatically attack if an enemy is within his or her range. That’s why this game is suitable for many people, but the number of enemies that you need to be careful of will increase over time

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Spacero: Shooter, Sci-Fi Hero Spacero: Shooter, Sci-Fi Hero


When you start the first level of Spacero, you will know the control mechanics you need to pay attention to. After completing the tutorial level, the first planet you will set foot on is called Titan. Each planet will have many different levels, and they follow each other continuously until your health is drained due to the attack from the enemy. At the same time, a level bar is located at the top of the screen that you can easily see.

When this bar is full, a selection panel will appear, and the surrounding elements will be suddenly stopped so that you can freely choose. Corresponding to each level will be a choice, and you will accumulate different skills in the game to defeat the enemy. At the same time, during the selection process, you will undoubtedly form a system of excellent and highly coordinated skills to confront the robots or alien monsters that are always trying to kill you.

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Spacero: Shooter, Sci-Fi Hero Spacero: Shooter, Sci-Fi Hero Spacero: Shooter, Sci-Fi Hero


After you have finished the level, you will see the completion progress of a planet of Spacero. Each planet offers many unique items that will help you upgrade your characters, weapons and research new skills. At the same time, you can also unlock new adventurers while the price of some characters is being reduced. It is your chance to get yourself a powerful character and help you get impressive equipment.

The money you earn is used on many different factors, such as researching and upgrading your weapons. At the same time, each character’s weapon has certain qualities and is determined by color. Therefore, a tool that helps you to unlock high-quality weapons is chests opened by diamonds. You can also get a bonus when the player’s level is increased.