Fully Funded Scholarship: The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship.

Fully Funded Scholarship: The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship

Achieving Academic Excellence: The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students.

Welcome to a wlorld where opportunities are boundless, and barriers are shattered. The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students opens doors that were once thought to be closed.  We believe that determination coupled with the power of education can redefine limitations. This prestigious scholarship is a beacon of hope for visually impaired students, guiding them towards academic excellence and personal growth.

Understanding the Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship.

The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of its namesake, a visionary who believed in the potential of visually impaired individuals. This scholarship is more than just financial aid; it’s a testament to the belief that every student deserves the chance to excel. Recipients of this scholarship not only receive financial support but also gain access to a support network that fosters growth, independence, and success.

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Empowering Education for Visually Impaired Students.

Education is a universal right, and the Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship ensures that no one is left behind. This scholarship recognizes the challenges faced by visually impaired students and offers tailored support to help them overcome these challenges. From accessible learning materials to specialized assistive technologies, we ensure that our scholars have the tools they need to thrive academically.

A Glimpse into the Application Process.

Applying for Dale M. Schoettler.

Scholarship is a straightforward yet impactful process. We believe in simplicity and accessibility, aligning with our commitment to supporting visually impaired students. The application requires candidates to demonstrate their academic achievements, share their aspirations, and provide insights into their personal journey. Our selection committee carefully reviews each application, looking beyond grades to identify individuals who exhibit resilience, determination, and a hunger for knowledge.

Building a Stronger Community.

The power of a scholarship extends far beyond the individual recipient. The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship creates a vibrant community of visually impaired scholars who uplift and inspire one another. Through networking events, mentorship programs, and collaborative initiatives, our scholars form connections that last a lifetime. This community is a testament to the strength that comes from unity and shared goals.

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Join the Ranks of Achievers.

Are you a visually impaired student with a passion for learning? The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship invites you to be a part of something transformative. By investing in your education, we aim to create a ripple effect that transforms not only your life but also the lives of those around you. As you embark on this educational journey, remember that your potential knows no bounds, and with the Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship, you have a community that believes in you.


  • This award is Open to all continuing part-time undergraduate and graduate students in any major field and must remain enrolled in 6.1 units or more during the academic year in which the award is received.
  • Have a visual disability and provide verification from a medical health professional, which includes the best corrected visual acuity notations. (Please note that the disability must be such that it impedes the educational process and necessitates accommodations, support services, or programs.).
  • 2.8 GPA.
  • Applicants must be legally blind.
  • Financial need.
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The Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students is more than just an opportunity; it’s a catalyst for change. This scholarship empowers visually impaired individuals to achieve their dreams, break down barriers, and create a future that’s defined by their potential, not their limitations. Join us in this journey towards academic excellence and personal growth – because, we are not just changing lives; we are redefining what’s possible.