State of Survival v1.18.86 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill, High Damage)download now

State of survival

State of Survival v1.18.86 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill, High Damage)

App Name: State of Survival
Publisher: KingsGroup Holdings
Genre: Strategy
Size: 200M
Latest Version: 1.18.86
MOD Info: Unlimited Skill, High Damage
Get it On : Google Play

What’s new

State of Survival is a strategy and construction game in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by zombies. You can build your base to maintain existence and grow it to become prominent. At the same time, you can also explore the areas around your area, which can be safe or dangerous. So the battles against the enemies are inevitable, and you will not miss the activities during Halloween.

1.As the Hero Precinct’s Plasma Level rises, more States will have access to the Hero Training Area.
2.At the Hero Training Area, you may re-level any Hero and reclaim the Combat Manuals.


An exciting and new experience in the State of Survival is the activities inside the Halloween event. Each of them gives you a certain amount of rewards, and they all have different gameplay that you will need to learn. For example, in Treat and Trick, you will spend time killing enemies, and in the process of confronting enemies, some items will drop, and you know their drop rate entirely.

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The next mode will require a certain number of power-up points to raise following the milestones specified in Gift Rush. At the same time, the number from one milestone to another will be completely different, so it will usually be for experienced players. In addition, you need to reach a certain number of levels calculated in Haunted Halloween and continue to do daily login in Dolled-up Prank. So it would help if you did not skip any mode.


The story that players experience in the State of Survival takes place in an interesting situation that is Halloween when a zombie appears, but no one realizes the danger. Since then, it has attacked a human, but others still see it as a Halloween joke. After many victims were attacked and the epidemic spread, humanity knew the fear of the pandemic, and the world went through a terrible time

You will be a survivor in this harsh world and try to develop it to fight the enemies on the outside. You will spend time constructing different buildings to collect essential resources similar to other construction games. At the same time, during the game, you will collect impressive rewards for completing various tasks. From there, you’ll be able to upgrade your main base when all of its upgrade requirements are satisfied.

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The area you observe in the State of Survival will be considered a safe area that few enemies can reach. At the same time, inside the mist, there is a mysterious area with buildings, wild trees that can be cut down, and dangerous locations occupied by zombies. This occupation area is often divided into different categories corresponding to the symbols, such as the gun aim icon and the humanoid shape. Each of them requires a way of fighting.

For the gun center icon, the players will use the characters they receive against approaching enemies and use the energy that appears over time to activate character skills. Simultaneously, the humanoid icon will require characters above, vehicles, and allies to go to an area. You will defeat many zombies and avoid the number of troops you are killed. All battles contribute to expanding the area and unlocking unique items, including new characters.

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1.Human 2.0 rewrite the rules of human existence and vanquish the invaders. In this zombie survival shooter, no military will help you. It’s not like previous war games.

2.Data matters. Establish smart alliances to live in this tactical survival game. Join armies to exterminate anybody trying to exploit you in the zombie and apocalyptic war. You’re in danger!

3.The zombie army virus is mutating. As a survivor, you must learn all you can about zombies. Disease containment is vital to worldwide control. The battle is for survival! Stop it!

4.In this zombie survival game, you must rescue survivors to increase your numbers and strength. Find the disease fighters! Time!

5.Expanding your post-apocalyptic zombie community is essential. It’s action time! Defeat the zombies! It’s time to fight back! Survive!

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State of Survival v1.18.86 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill, High Damage) Download

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