Study Grants: University of Bologna Scholarships for international students 2022

Scholarship Institution and Description For Bologna Grants

The University of Bologna offers to deserving international students who wish to register for First Cycle, Second Cycle or Single Cycle Degree Programmes at the University of Bologna for A.Y. 2022/23.

University of Bologna Scholarship 2022

Who is Qualified and Eligible to Apply

Application is open exclusively to candidates who:

  1. Possess qualifications for admission to the chosen First, Single, or Second Cycle degree programme issued by an institution outside of the Italian education system or in an Italian institute outside Italy, after at least two years of attendance. If the qualification for admission is a one-year title, the prior qualification will be considered too. Qualifications issued by institutions of the Republic of San Marino do not satisfy this condition. The applicant’s citizenship is not considered.
  2. Meet the admission requirements for the chosen degree programme or will meet such requirements at the time of registration.
  3. Are not current students at the University of Bologna for First, Single or Second Cycle degree programmes. Important! Those whose student career (First, Single or Second Cycle degree programme) ended within A.Y. 2020-21 for any reason are not considered students. Withdrawals from studies must have been completed before the publication of this call.
  4. Have not already benefited from the Unibo Action 2 study grant or from the Unibo Action 1 waiver.
  5. Are not 30 years or older as of the deadline of the call.
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Requirements For The Bologna Scholarships

You can apply for Unibo Action 1&2 if:

  • you are in possession of (or about to obtain) a valid qualification for access to your chosen degree programme, issued by an Institution outside of the Italian education system. Students holding a diploma issued by an Italian school established outside Italy can apply as well.
  • You will take one of the following tests by the application deadline:
    – if you are interested in registering in a First or Single Cycle Degree Programme, the SAT and/or TOLC test
    – if you are interested in registering in a Second Cycle Degree Programme, the GRE test.
  • You are less than 30 years old upon the deadline of the call for application.
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The SAT, GRE and TOLC are aptitude and skills assessment tests which can be taken in authorized centers in several countries around the world and online (if this modality is offered by the managing institutions). You must register for the tests on the websites of managing institutions.

SAT And GRE tests are in English. The TOLC test is available in English and Italian.

You can find more information in the call for applications.

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Renewal of Unibo Action 2 study grants and Unibo Action 1 waivers awarded in A.Y. 2021/22

The University of Bologna offers Unibo Action 2 study grants and Unibo Action 1 waivers for A.Y. 2022/23, reserved for students who were awarded the same benefits for a.y. 2021/22.

In order to obtain the renewal you must apply by the deadlines set in the call for applications, be in possession of the requirements set in the call for applications and be placed among the winners in the ranking list. Renewals are not awarded automatically.

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For more information about Scholarship Grants and Application Procedures, Check Here.

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