The best horror survival on your mobile phone


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If you like videogames that give you goosebumps, you now have the adaptation of one of the best survival horror videogame dealerships for Android. We are talking about Dead Space.

Smartphones’ possibilities exploited to their maximum extent

Dead Space‘s version for Android has a great design and excellent sound effects that enhance the gaming experience, as well as masterfully combining science fiction with horror and action genres. Its setting, based on a crafted graphic aspect, will frighten players with the situations that are posed. Together with the playability offered by its controls, we can state that we are talking about one of the games that exploit the possibilities of state-of-the-art phones to their maximum extent.

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  • Intuitive controls based on touching and dragging.
  • Perfectly embedded on-screen informationshown during the game (HUD).
  • Six different scenarios.
  • New weapons.
  • Soundtrack that accompanies the action at all times.

Terrifying and shocking.

Whoever has played Dead Space on a console will know some of the resources available for players in this version, although they will certainly come across new weapons for their use. Additionally, the fact that the game is controlled with a touchscreen offers a new attraction for experienced Dead Space players.

Download Dead Space for Android and you will definitely be thrilled.