Zombie City v3.3.0 MOD APK (Menu/One Hit, God Mode, Ammo) Download

Zombie City : Survival

Zombie City takes you to a city where zombies are ruling, and they want to attack all to win blood drops. This is a fascinating action game; the player is one of the survivors in this melee.

Now the city is overrun with zombies, and every place is a black spot of that event. Notably, we need to mobilize the surviving brothers to work together to destroy the zombies to save those who are still trapped.

Zombie City always creates a sense of mystery for us by pushing players into the monstrous zombie city. Here it would help if you found allies to fight effectively, use all types of guns to be able to destroy all zombies.

This is a city that has been invaded and destroyed by zombies. Living in the city means that it will be infected sooner or later. To survive, choose your gun and escape from this dangerous city!

Hesitation and kindness are the same as death When into the dead. What you need to do is keep shooting and kill all the zombies in your vision. Timely replenishment of ammunition, placement of fire-fighting devices, endless shooting is the only choice!

There are several survivors in this abandoned city. You are not a savior, so you need their help to escape the city. Look for these survivors, fight alongside them and form a doomsday survival team.

Food, guns and DNA supplements are essential to ensure survival, and if you can find items such as gasoline, first aid kits, generators, etc., you may be able to further improve and improve your quality of life.
Zombie city

In this difficult journey of survival, you will also receive many surprises: when surrounded by zombies, use the petrol barrel left by the corner to clear out an open space in the explosion, thus fleeing the zombie’s encirclement; accidentally found a dilapidated tank, after you and your teammates cover each other and fight for a certain time to repair the tank, this weapon will use your powerful firepower to protect you and destroy the zombies; in a few fine weather, the airdrops will be distributed to this abandoned city, you need to grasp this precious opportunity, try to collect these materials, fully arm yourself and improve your combat effectiveness.

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Survivor, are you ready to step into this journey of survival? “Zombie City : Survival”, you choose to take up guns to fight for survival, or give up hope, immersed in this dead sea. The decision is in your hands, pick up your gun and experience the true coolness of this third-person shooting game!

Features of Zombie City

Realistic FPS

Sniping zombies in the last day
Play as a zombie shooting survivor and fight to survive in the zombie city!
A large group of zombies are coming! Face the zombies and exercise your sniper shooting skills in every survival mission ! Experience a real shooting journey in FPS battle!

Different zombies and guns

Zombie City is a third-person zombie shooting game with 7 combat chapters, 70 shooting combat missions, many special events and bonus battles. Zombie shooting time is up!
Choose your favorite from more than 30 powerful guns, M16, 98K, AK47, SPAS12, AWM, etc. You can even modify your guns! Upgrade the sniper ammo and magazine capacity to guarantee your chance of winning in this zombie shooting game.

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Third-person shooter

In this zombie shooting game, fight as a sniper elite, aim, attack and shoot, and feel the adrenaline of fighting. Keep your finger on the trigger, aim and shoot to ensure your survival in this realistic third-person shooter game, you must shoot undead zombies in battle! Defeat all enemies in this strategic deadly war RPG challenge! Participate in this action shooting game and become a survivor hero fighting undead zombies in the FPS shooting battlefield!

Zombie shooting is your battlefield. Ease and peace are over: In this deadly FPS zombie shooting battlefield game, as a survival hero, will you escape every monster or fight bravely? In these action and strategy shootout games, pull the trigger, start shooting and kill Royale zombies!

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Zombie City


There are zombies everywhere in the city, and there are traces of them everywhere. This proves that they have grown more important day by day and have enough power to control you. This terrifying threat is growing more robust, and you must overcome all these fears independently. Stand up and act together to quell the attack and growth of all zombies.

It would help if you went to the mysterious rooms because people who need us to free them will be trapped. However, there will be a lot of zombies on the way, and they are still present in those rooms. They will come and tear you up immediately if you do not have enough backup weapons. Zombie City will give you a variety of weapons to attack more fiercely and intensely in Zombie City.

Zombie City


Scattered with two or three influential people, they will find a way to hide in order to destroy all zombies. We need to find them to form a squad to fight together. Use all kinds of guns and grenades to kill as many zombies as possible. Players and their teammates perform stunts by going to dark corners to destroy more zombies residing in them.

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Zombie City


We need to carry out the most effective weapon upgrades. Players need to take advantage of the battle screen to be able to hunt for mysterious keys to unlock upgrades. Players need to equip additional armor to be able to fight safely. Moreover, players need to use the map available in Zombie City to observe their direction and find an effective way to destroy them.

  • Team up with all your friends to create an adequate fighting power.
  • Use guns as the core weapon to create eye-catching battles and destroy all zombies.
  • Make effective upgrades to weapons and vehicles to move in battle.
  • Use firepower to be able to destroy the zombie lair in this city.
  • Use the map to be able to see the mysterious activities of the zombies to be able to destroy them effectively.

What’s New in the Latest Version 3.3.0

1. The melee weapon system has been optimized. The current melee weapons are more powerful and easier to use
2. Optimized the character, equipment skill system, hundreds of collocations for you to choose
3. A variety of advanced firearms have been added, waiting for you to slowly explore and discover in the game
4. Fixed the abnormal problem of some levels