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Naija Ludo  Naija Ludo

Naija Ludo is a classic dice and race game for all ages.

Ludo is a classic dice and race game, played with four pieces per house and a set of dice.

More about Ludo King

Ludo King game is based on one of the most popular board games called Ludo. This game has four gaming modes for both online and offline play which makes it all the more adaptive to be played any time and anywhere. You can play it against friends and online players with an internet connection. With over 100 million downloads and 3 million reviews, this is one of the most popular Ludo game apps for android.

Ludo King is a board game like Ludo STAR. The game is excellent for time passing when you are waiting for a taxi or having a break. Moreover, it is a fantastic game to remember your childhood. Ludo King is played between 2 to 6 players. You can select your color according to your choice. When you are playing against the computer, you have the option to choose players.

Everybody is familiar with Ludo king, and how to play. This game has awesome options to play against computers, against local players; also, against online multiplayer’s or against your friends. Ludo King is played between 2 to 6 players. You can select your color according to your choice. When you are playing against the computer, you have the option to choose how many players you want to play. But, for play options, you can choose 2 to 6 players.

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Features found in the game

More boards added: you can choose among three colourful boards.(use the more button from the first screen to access this feature).

i)Online multiplayer: you can play with any of you friends or family members any where in the world from the comfort of your home.

ii)Visual hand added

iii)Online Multiplayer supported

iv)Bluetooth multiplayer supported

vi)Difficulty level added(Easy, Normal, Hard and Advanced)

vii)Speed control added. You can control how fast a Piece move.

viii)You can enable or disable barrier

ix)You can enable or disable safe-house

x)You can position board the way you like

xi)You can choose to play with one die or two dice
xii)You can decide to remove a piece when it captures opponent’s piece or not

xiii)You can decided to play again when you capture opponent’s piece irrespective of the outcome.
All these features are accessible through Options.

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How to play the game

Ludo is a classic dice and race game, played with four pieces per player and a set of dice. This Ludo currently support two players with two houses each. In this game, each player controls eight pieces. The goal of the game is to move all eight pieces home before your opponent.

Movement of  piece in the game

A player with red house starts the game (in a case of winning, the loser starts the game with red house).
A piece can only come out of house when a die outcome is 6 but a piece that is already on the track can move with any dice outcome. Pieces travel through the track starting from home to the middle of the board. A track contains 56 steps.
A piece can only be removed if it successfully travels through the 56 steps or if it captures opponent’s piece.

How to capture a piece in the game

A player’s piece can capture opponent’s piece if it ends in a block that is occupied by an opponent’s. The captured piece must be returned home while the player’s piece is removed from the board.
The secret of the game is to capture your opponent’s piece as many as possible and avoid being captured by your opponent’s piece.
A piece cannot capture opponent’s piece if the remaining outcome cannot be used.

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Some steps to consider when playing

1. A player can only roll dice twice consecutively or more as far as each dice outcome is 6 (first dice outcome = 6 and second dice outcome = 6).

2. Dice outcome must be played before rolling another one no matter the outcome.

3. For fast and smooth play, go to settings and turn on DIRECT COUNT.

What’s New in the Latest Version

1. FRIEND LIST ADDED: You can now make friends with your opponents during online game. You can invite, block and delete a friend from your friend list.
2. TIMER ADDED: Timer has been added to online game to avoid delay and cheating.
3. Online Game Settings unified. Same game settings for all.

Additional Game Information
Requires Android

Android 6.0+

Also on Google play


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