Actress Nkechi Blessing

‘I’ll Never Allow My Husband To Employ A Female Driver’- Actress Nkechi Blessing

Her stance comes after a social media user raised a question wondering why women don’t want to see other women succeed as he narrated how he employed a female driver but his wife strongly opposed the idea and meanwhile, her driver is the opposite se.x

The post reads; ‘Women, why don’t you like the progress of other women. I employed a female driver for myself and my wife is vehemently saying NO. Her own driver is a male oh; I don’t understand please house, what’s your take.

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Reacting to this, Nkechi Blessing said she wouldn’t allow her husband to take a female driver instead, she will rather take up the driving job.

She wrote;

Ladies will you allow your man employ a female driver? As for me Uncle Falegxy cannot can biko. I rather take up the job myself. Call me whatever na you sabi

See screenshot below…

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Actress Nkechi Blessing

Earlier on, Nkechi Blessing claimed that she no longer has the strength to respond to messages from people who only want her to break down and feel inferior.

If you know Nkechi Blessing you would attest to the fact that Nkechi Blessing does not leave people who troll her to go scot-free as she always replies to the negative comments with fire and sometimes, she ravages them with very unprintable and life-threatening curses.

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However, she can’t keep up with the negative comments and responses any longer as she has announced that now what she does is block and anyone who abuses her online and assured them that God will punish them.

Actress Nkechi Blessing

Actress Nkechi Blessing