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Dual Blader

About Dual Blader

Although just an idle game with a small capacity, Dual Blader is worth every second. With simple, leisurely but attractive gameplay that is not inferior to any manual role-playing action game, you will have many interesting moments of entertainment without spending too much effort.

The Dual Blader has two big attractions, to me personally. One is the synchronization, consistency between what we see from the poster / trailer and everything that happens in real play. There is no gap in graphics (beautiful outside, bad inside) nor is there a gap in rhythm and gameplay. Dual Blader is beautiful inside and out, in keeping with the arcade spirit pursued from the start.

The second attraction is the action, rhythmic, automated gameplay but strangely attractive. With the sole mission throughout the game to destroy hundreds of thousands of monsters, restore peace to the land and regain lost justice, the female hero warrior in the game will constantly perform many different moves on the screen.

Fun idle game for mobile!

Quality of automatic battles in Dual Blader

Each encounter always surprises you with the ability to use weapons skillfully, and the melancholy speed of the female warrior. She has the ability to glide quickly across the surface, launch, jump high, jump long distances, glide super fast towards the opponent, approach like lightning and swing her dual swords to smash the monster. Most with normal level monsters, the heroine can take them down without any negative effects.

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All combat actions of the character are conducted automatically. Your responsibility is to set up a tactical line, find ways to increase weapons and skills for the heroine. When she is fully equipped, she automatically launches and kills all the nearest enemies.

Admire the character freely fighting with the equipment and power provided by you, skillfully swinging the swords, leaping at the uncompromising enemy. The combo is bright and colorful, just like being controlled by hand, will make you get caught up in the game at any time. Just looking at it is enough to get you excited without even having to play it yourself. Here’s what I can say about the Dual Blader.

Attraction comes from abundance

In Dual Blader there are more than 100 different weapons. Every dish is powerful with a voyeuristic effect. Each weapon has a different strength, design, damage, and usage pattern. In turn, collecting different weapons for the character to fight on their own, along with the available skills, you can already create your own battle tactics.

The more you play, go deeper into the monster lair, approach the big monsters, defeat them, the more new weapons and potentials you get. More equipped, female warriors will be stronger and fight harder than ever.

You can sit there, watching the screen, choosing skills and weapons to continuously motivate the heroine. Even when you are busy offline, warriors continue to fight tenaciously to collect more points for you.

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Dual Blader to bring more rich aftertaste to the player. In addition to the inherent story mode, there are also a series of game modes with different objectives such as Dungeon, PVP, Boss. Depending on your playstyle and preferences, you can choose any “subject” to try, all of which have one thing in common: no need to play too much.

You have been selected to be a grandmaster by Dual Blade. Start your journey as a master of twin blades at High Garden and make your way to Lava Cliff while you are whipping the bad monsters for the cause of righteousness.

Dual Blader : Idle Action RPG

In the game Dual Blader, you set out on a trip that takes you through a variety of environments, from the High Garden to the Lava Cliff. As a dual blade master, it is your responsibility to travel through the dungeons and vanquish your foes using your one-of-a-kind slaying abilities. Have fun with a game that has graphics similar to those seen in cartoons and allows you to play with completely optimized skill effects and stunning sword combat movements. Explore a collection of over 100 different combat weapons, each with its own set of abilities and powers.

Dual Blader : Idle Action RPG

You may win added rewards by increasing the power of your sword and collecting other powerful blades. Fight your way through the Infinity Dungeon while slaying all of the horrible creatures you find there!


IDLE System

You may get in-game resources even while you are not using your phone or playing the game. Gold and experience will be acquired without your intervention! Improve your skills without subjecting yourself to the usual tedium.

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Dual Blader : Idle Action RPG

Unique Strategy

More than a hundred more weapons, each with a unique set of abilities and capabilities, are at your disposal. Train your swords so they can reach their maximum potential. Gather up all of the blades to receive the ownership bonus.

Download Game(118.7mb)


Take on the Infinity Dungeon, as well as the Boss Hunting Tower. Each season will bring a new set of dungeon contents to the surface.

Dual Blader : Idle Action RPG

Graphics for the Eyes

Dotted graphics in a colorful arcade or cartoon style, with a full-fledged action RPG. Experience skill effects and swordsmanship that have been properly tuned.

Worldwide Ranking, PvP

Your top score for breaking through levels, completing dungeons, and ascending the infinite tower will be shown here! and boost your ranking. Climb the leader board to either improve your standing or increase your chances of winning the weekly rewards.

Download Dual Blader APK for Android

The sound and graphics and 2D animation in Dual Blader make it easy to think of a classic arcade game. It is this blend of pure retro feel with breath-taking modern idle gameplay that makes Dual Blader a highly entertaining mini-idle RPG. Even the game is more beautiful than other games of the same type of graphics.