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Dreamdale is a curious video game where players will start controlling a knight in his mission to rescue the princess from the clutches of a powerful sorcerer.

However, after a few minutes, you will discover that all that part of the game was a dream and that what you really are is a lumberjack who has just arrived on a desert island that he must develop to the maximum.

Dreamdale’s game system is different depending on whether you are in the world of dreams or reality. Thus, when you are the intrepid knight, the game will have a gameplay similar to what you have seen in titles like Archero. You will move around the setting, and any enemy entering your shooting diameter will automatically receive your hero’s attack. Your job is to dodge enemy attacks and collect the coins and treasures you find.

On the other hand, when you control the castaway, you will be on an island that you must develop using firewood as raw material. Thus, the first thing you will build will be a place that allows you to exchange firewood for money, as there will be spaces that will need money to be made. Little by little, by cutting down trees and collecting resources, you will be able to make your island grow from a deserted place to a beautiful city.

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Dreamdale is an original game that, although it draws from the gameplay of two genres that have been widely explored in the smartphone games sector, the truth is that it fuses them in a surprising and novel way. What’s more, the game has some pretty amazing graphics.

Dreamdale develops exciting experiential content, including reclamation, territory expansion, and combat activities. Each hero will be combined with another community to start growing different plants and harvesting them. In the process, you will accumulate coins to purchase necessary armor sets and then use them in your upcoming battle. The intense confrontations in the dragon’s lair will bring you more profit when winning.

Dreamdale Mod Apk Dreamdale Mod Apk free download

Features of Dreamdale

Become am Almighty Hero

The skills needed to become an almighty hero in Dreamdale are the most important factors that every player needs to possess. At the beginning of the journey to conquer it, you will face the first challenges in the forest. Here, the meeting between friends takes place, and you need to complete the group quest to continue the journey. The whole activity that needs to be done is cutting down trees, expanding the land, and sowing seeds.

Use the Weapons Provided

The weapon collection will be where players find the necessary equipment to confront the monsters in Dreamdale. Each player will take turns trying the items and choosing to accept to start this fight. Helmets, armor, or some weapons with significant damage, such as swords, bows, and arrows, will be provided to make your experience more complete. Towards the goal of winning the game with monsters and dragons, your reward will be enormous treasures.

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Dreamdale Mod Apk download download Dreamdale Mod Apk

Accompanying Great Friends

The war is over; you get hundreds more benefits from them and continue your journey to build a base at Dreamdale. Each story will help you grow more each day, learn more experience and make new friends. Different situations require players to perform with groups or teammates, and this will be the time for you to expand your network and make more great friends. This journey will not be alone when you have so many choices!

Explore the World of Heroes  your Way

Dreamdale expands the world of heroes your way, where players will take control of their destiny and do any job on their own. To make the tasks go more smoothly, you have time to prepare. When you join the community and experience the life of a hard-working farmer, you need the help of an ax and a hammer. When it comes to building a monster-killing record, our arsenal of weapons will help. Rewards will be given out when you complete all tasks for the day.

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Dreamdale Mod Apk free


  • Develop exciting experiential content that combines base building, commodity development, and monster combat.
  • Complete the quest to expand the land as you begin the work of clearing, cutting trees, and transforming the land into fertile growing areas.
  • Start building buildings with other players, and develop a great community to grow together as friends.
  • Equip the weapons and armors you get from your collection and get ready for the upcoming confrontation with hundreds of enemies.
  • Fight alone with powerful monsters, and defeat them for valuable rewards including coins and treasure chests.


How to install Dreamdale Mod Apk

Step 1: Click the “Download” link and download the Dreamdale MOD APK file.

Step 2: Please wait for the download to complete, then select the downloaded file and install it.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, you can open the game and enjoy it.

Download Dreamdale MOD APK for Android

Do not hesitate to download Dreamdale on your phone. Come and join the game as a hero, a digger, a farmer, and more. You can do everything your way to enjoy a meaningful survival life. Build your own empire, join the wars and make friends with the villagers, what are you ready to do?