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The game Reigns is very dramatic, players will play a king in the game, every one of your courtiers are trying to kill you, all you have to do is to make yourself live longer.

The adventure game of thrones is the hottest topic that has just been released in recent years, attracting many players’ eyes. These games often have stories revolving around the lives of kingdoms who compete for the throne of a domain.

One of the typical examples of this game genre is Reigns – Her Majesty. This adventure game combines unique tactical gameplay with content to strengthen factions and enter the war for power. In fact, this series of games has become familiar and the favorite entertainment of some gamers today.



You may not know that Reigns is a series of games with the context of a new kingship. The games in this series are all about life in the medieval era when many people competed for power. The game appears with a princess sitting on a throne running a kingdom. In essence, this game is about the revolution to track smash reigns.

It is here that a cultural renaissance has given the world a new era of knowledge and enlightenment for the unreasonably greedy and jealous who conspire against the benevolent queen. Players can see the game as a card game with the most novel gameplay in the game. In essence, the game is not about using cards to fight but choosing, ruling, and ruling the kingdom.

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Because there are always greedy people around and plotting to kill the owner of the kingdom, the player must navigate the increasingly complicated kingdom’s politics. In Reigns, the player takes on the role of evil or benevolent medieval king in modern times or swipes his royal fingers left or right to impose your will on the kingdom. Because the people around constantly want to harm the queen. However, players should strive to handle the never-ending demands of advisors, farmers, and allies while maintaining a balance between factions that influence the nation.

Reigns Reigns


According to the name of the game, the player will take on the role of a beautiful queen and undertake the task of taking over a kingdom. However, female players will enjoy this type of series because there is more motivation to continue. In Reigns, as the queen of a kingdom, players should not forget the task of fighting the invasion plots of allies around them. Each year, a king takes over when the queen dies.

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They will start a new process like when you first entered the game. Unlike previous installments, they usually have nice endings, but this time the game revolves around a zodiac. Therefore, players will have to face some difficulties in performing the stages in the game.

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Maintaining a balance between allied and enemy factions is the player’s success in his quest to run the kingdom. Players must use Mystical inventory to find and upgrade special items in the new inventory system. In addition, Reigns also allows players to navigate the increasingly complex politics of the palace and the personal relationships of their dynasties. In addition, players also have to use different cards on the characters, swiping right or left to discard the cards they don’t like. Furthermore, as the player proceeds to unlock the unique paths in each story will begin to get more and more complicated for your kingdom.


The player cannot predict what will appear in his court. In a new kingdom, players will receive many different dramas. Not to mention, as players begin to encounter and participate in various events, you will have a chance to find more new cards appearing. In fact, they are operated quite intelligently to let players find out the mysteries of the items that will appear in your palace.

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Reaching a specific goal is a central task for the player to unlock new decks and find new directions for his royal court. However, people should still be careful when making decisions. It follows throughout the process of running your browser. If you give stupid political directions, you have to find a way to balance the factions in your court.


It is commendable that the game has made successful strides for players to experience the attractive gameplay and designed the smoothest and most attractive gameplay. The game’s ultimate goal is to prevent the allies who are hatching plots from killing the queen. You will be the one to put an end to this never-ending war. Be the powerful king to rule a renaissance court.



This game is still quite novel gameplay, there is no generals and counselors to assist you, they only hurt your heart. So being a “Reigns” king is actually sad, but it’s also a good experience to be wary of your courtiers.