Download Monument Valley (MOD, Unlocked DLC) 2.7.16 free on android


Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle in which you have to play a princess who has fallen into the world where she is kept in custody, and now she is trying to find a way out. At every step you will be waiting for crows guards as well as various puzzles.

You need to look for a way out of the secret rooms and pick up the keys to the doors to go further. Use your wit to help turn the bridges and towers in the right direction. You can rotate them in different directions and choose the right position for you.

The best indie puzzle game of all time, known as Monument Valley. When coming to this game, the player will lead Princess Ida through a maze of optical illusions and impossible objects and guide the princess to a beautiful world. This is a game that is rated as the best game about puzzle titles. They commented that the gameplay is limited in difficulty and a short length. Everything that the game has to offer is really great.

If you love to play puzzles games then Monument Valley is the best choice for you. When it comes to finding out the best-paid game in the Puzzle category, you can easily answer MONUMENT VALLEY within seconds.

Well, it’s not a good news that it is a paid game. Many people wish to download and play it on their own smartphone but because of lack of money, nobody goes for it. But, what if somebody can provide you this game for free? It will be like a heaven for you, right? Well, we are going to do the same. We have purchased this game from play store and now sharing it with all of our readers. It will not charge you a single penny for it, it’s totally free and official game.

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Monument Valley


This is a unique puzzle game but also brings a new part. Accompanying this game will be interesting stories. Typical of Princess Ida – she made a serious mistake. She must return to Monument Valley to redeem herself and seek sympathy. You will be her companion. Through each maze, she will return the puzzle. Gradually, as you complete a mission, you will better understand that story.


In Monument Valley, players will also be the character of princess Ida making a journey through the labyrinth of optical illusions and impossible objects. It can be a series of different 3D blocks and will present players with unique challenges. They are also known as sacred geometries. In the game, when she completes a wish or is forgiven. You will place a sacred stone.

Monument Valley Monument Valley


For this game, making sure the game design is light and equally enjoyable is probably the premise. This game is presented in an isometric view. Players will interact with the environment to uncover mysteries as Ida approaches the exit of the map. Players will experience one of ten different levels. With each level, you will be able to choose the level of difficulty or ease, depending on each gamer’s ability. Interactions include moving platforms and pillars, including bridge creation.

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When you come to Monument Valley, you will have a better understanding of how to play. Players will be indirectly managed the details in the game. The management will be done based on design elements such as color. In addition, the direct manager will be by the crows and those who block the Ida road. They will do anything to make it difficult for her. Adding challenges also can’t make it difficult for players to win.

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Many players mistakenly think this is a casual puzzle game and will make players feel bored and headache about its old-fashioned gameplay. It is interesting to come to this game, in addition to finding the usual solutions. This game will bring a light and exciting adventure. The player’s task is simple, and you will find the operation of the maze roads. Find the easiest way out, break the barriers and bring Ida to the finish line.

Monument Valley Monument Valley


In addition to the interesting gameplay, it has brought players from one surprise to another. The manufacturer has built a world in the game that seems like a dream. It is admirable that they have made a brilliant, beautiful, and equally peaceful design. Surely when coming to this game and interesting gameplay, picturesque graphics are also known to many people. Many gamers commented that it was a dreamlike design that they never wanted to forget.


This game has given players moments of deep and gentle entertainment. Known as a top puzzle game. It always has attractions that attract people. Inspired by minimalist 3D design and optical illusions. The game has created beautiful spaces that move viewers. Every space in the game, from palaces and temples from around the world. Each monument and every scene in the game is a unique handcrafted world to explore.


This is a light game suitable for all ages. You will need to understand this simple gameplay better to have the most enjoyable experience time. With simple gameplay and easy usage, players simply rotate and drag to reshape the world and help Ida explore. This game is designed with minimalism making it easy for anyone to pick up, enjoy, and complete.

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While on quests to help Ida redeem herself. Special sounds have also accompanied players throughout the game experience. Sound responds to your manipulation of the world. It will provide surreal and beautiful sound effects. Get the best experience, hear every movement in the game clearly with headphones. The good news is that now, the game is available on most operating systems.

Requirements To Play Monument Valley

Monument Valley apk has a lot of exciting features. But it is a premium apk and costs Rs. 260 for download. That’s why a lot of people search for Monument Valley Apk Free Download. We are sharing the apk for free today. But you need to fulfill some requirements to download the game. So. let us check out the things required to download and install Monument Valley game on Android.

  • An Android phone Android OS version 4.0 or higher.
  • Monument Valley APK. [You can get it for free from the download link given in the download section above.]
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM on your android phone.

These are some basic requirements for playing Monument Valley on your smartphone. Let me ask, is there anything special in this list? I am sure your answer is No. Still, we have shared this list just to solve your confusions. Along with all the above things, you can easily download and install the Monument Valley APK for free.

Well, I am pretty sure you are ready with the requirements mentioned above. Without consuming more time, head to the guide to download and install Monument Valley apk.