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Monster strike
Monster Strike

Monster Strike is an action game where you destroy the enemies on the screen by throwing your monsters and bouncing off them. This is a title full of characters you can recruit, with more than 1,000 unique monsters in total. It also has some fun, casual-style graphics.

In Monster Strike, there are infinite screens that you overcome by killing all the enemies on the level before you advance to the next. The game’s intuitive controls are ideal for mobile device screens: slide your finger in the direction you want to launch your monster. The more it bounces off the enemies, the more damage it inflicts.

The rounds in Monster Strike are turn-based, so think twice before you act to ensure you keep your advantage over the enemy. In addition to bouncing off the monsters that get in your way, you can also bounce off the monsters on your own team to activate their special abilities. That’s why you’ll have the chance to form various teams, mixing and matching monsters as you see fit.

Monster Strike is a great title to enjoy alone or with friends since each game can be played cooperatively with up to three other users. It’s a video game that pulls in elements of pinball for fun and fast-paced games based on bouncing. Do you have what it takes to recruit all the monsters?

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You will enter a beautiful world filled with various unique and abundant monsters, and they will accompany you in exciting arcade-style battles. In addition, you will manage an army of many monsters, and the maximum number for each battle is four monsters. So it would help if you combined their power to be able to destroy all enemies. This simple gameplay will make you unable to ignore the monster strike game’s challenges.

As you progress through the levels, you will receive valuable rewards and use them to upgrade your monsters to become more powerful. The game has 2 modes of fighting alone or in groups to choose from and have different exciting experiences. At the same time, quality graphics with many symbols of enemies and monsters will delight you. You will launch attacks aimed at enemies through drag and direction to aim at the enemy accurately in monster strike.

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The gameplay of Monster strike is similar to a billiards game, specifically when you drag the character icon and point the arrow towards the enemy, then gain momentum to aim and shoot at the target. The game has a perfect combination of pinball and exciting action with beautiful combat effects and combos. You will fight many enemies on a 2D plane with unique turn-based gameplay.

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The attacks you shoot will deal massive damage to your opponent and cause them to surrender. You control not only one monster but many to be able to go to victory faster. If your two monsters come into contact with each other, it will create an extreme reaction and deal tremendous damage to the enemy. Therefore, you need to have the right position and tactics to attack and defeat all enemies. In particular, when the Ok button appears on your character’s icon, click to use their characteristic skills and scare the enemy in monster strike.


Through many levels in monster strike, you will have more time to learn more about the unique strength of each monster and use their skills appropriately to win. Each number that appears in the character image is the number of remaining skills of the character that you can use. In addition, character upgrading is significant to help your monsters become more potent after each appearance and help you complete all difficulty levels.

You can also summon other powerful monsters in monster strike through unique combat or gacha mechanics. In gacha mode, you will need an orb with many colors and wait for your monster companion to appear or summon different heroes.

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Monster Strike is an action game with beautiful graphics and cheerful colors, and top-notch animation effects for you to experience epic monster battles. The vibrant sound also makes players more immersive and unable to take their eyes off the screen.

Key Features in Monster Strike

  1.   Multiplayer mode: up to 4 people. If your opponent is too strong, you can ally with friends or combine with other monsters to help each other destroy all enemies and overcome all problematic missions.
  2. Collect over 1000 unique monsters with entirely different shapes and fighting skills to become a monster master. You can also merge the monsters you collect to increase their power.
  3. Offers special quests and events to give you a chance to own rare monsters. Evolve monsters to become stronger and create your own strongest army.
  4. The game rules are simple: just drag and aim the arrow at the enemy you want to shoot to defeat them. Activate powerful combos to attack and deal massive damage to enemies.
  5. Use the special move “Strike Shot” to end the match. In addition, you also need to have the right fighting technique and strategy to win every match and receive attractive rewards.

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