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About Clash royale

Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe.

Join hundreds of thousands of real players in Clash Royale, protect your tower from your opponents and show off your battle skills in matches.

Clash Royale is an RTS where you fight against other online players in frantic duels. This time around, you’ll find the full beloved cast of characters from Clash of Clans: Giants, Barbarian Kings, Wall Breakers, Archers, and many more facing off in a strategic arena.

Clash Royale’s gameplay is simple and straightforward. You start out the game with three towers: one in the middle and the other two on each side. Your aim is to use your troops to destroy your enemy’s central tower while defending your own towers. Each tournament lasts three minutes unless there’s a tie – in that case, you get some extra time.

In Clash Royale, tons of combat units await, but first, you have to unlock them. That means you’ll need to collect enough cards. That said, adding on new cards to your deck requires earning the right to open up new chests, which you only gain by winning tournaments.

Each Clash Royale unit has specific features: life points, attack distances, deployment times, speed, etc. Improving these skills when you level up eventually allows you to design your troops strategically.

Clash Royale is a hectic and fun multiplayer game. Each duel lasts (at most) between one and four minutes so that you can play a quick match anytime, anywhere. Plus, its graphics are excellent, just like in the original Clash of Clans.
● Make your strategies wisely, learn tip and tricks to earn your victory and glories.

● Select different cards for each match to break your enemy’s defense and use your skeleton army well .

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● Unlock cards one by one, collect more gems and chests, and compete against your friends and other game players for fun!

Clash Royale was launched in early 2016 from Supercell. Clash Royale is a brand new, real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe. A breakthrough in the gameplay by adding a real-time strategy, MOBA and cards and other elements, tower defense with live real-time duel 1v1 play become popular around the world, brave challengers, Join the exciting Clash Royale arena Now!

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Beginners Gameplay and Building your base

After the trial mode, You can open a “clan” and you will have to be a little patient if you want to create a new “clan” and wait for the other users to join the game.

Then Arena 1? You can also start playing real characters as multiplayer. In short, clash royale is a type of game we’re no strangers to, COC or Heartstone, has characters and strategies we used in those games.

There is also a section where you can communicate with your opponent during the game, as well as the successful use of the Aegeans. In Clash Royale, players earn various badges for achieving different milestones in the game.

With the update, Supercell is going to overhaul the system by revamping the pre-existing badges and adding new badges. The new shiny look will reward players each time on reaching a certain milestone and will be displayed in the Collection tab instead of the player profile section.

Updated features of Clash Royale

Finally, the Mighty Mine update was released in April 2022 with a lot of new and exciting features. It includes

* New Exclusive Emote: “Mighty Miner Bomb”. Many other emotes will be available. These are: “Mighty Miner Almighty”, “Miner Buried”, “Miner Shovel” & “Royal Giant Gorgeous” (got from Royal Crown Down)

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* Level Boost: Miner & Mighty Miner

* Arena: Mighty Mine

* A maintenance break fixed an issue where invisible troops were not receiving splash damage. It also buffed the Mighty Miner(ability cost decreased to 1 elixir from 2 elixirs), cannot be knock-backed (besides The Log), and nerfed Earthquake (Crown Tower damage -23%).

* Elixir Collector: Death spawn increased to 1 elixir (from 0), Lifetime decreased to 65 sec (from 70 sec), Elixir Generation decreased to 9.0 sec (from 8.5 sec).

* Electro Giant: Elixir decreased to 7 (from 8), Hitpoints -15%, Damage -15%.

* Mirror: Mirrored troops level increased to +2 (from +1).

* Golden Knight: Dash range increased to 6 (from 5).

* Giant Skeleton: Hit speed increased to 1.4 sec (from 1.5 sec), Hitpoints +7%.

Players also now have Top Ladder and Top Royal Tournament Finishes. It unlocks when finishing in the top 1000 leaderboard at the end of a season and upgrades up to 9 times. The best result will be displayed on the badge.

There is also a new badge system. The badges now have levels, that can be leveled up. The max level for each badge is different (some level 8, some level 10).

Each card has a mastery that can be achieved to unlock further gifts. Tasks include tasks like Dealing 185k total damage with Firecracker. Task 2 includes tasks like hitting the towers.

Some questions about Clash royale

1. Clash Royale is not available in my Google Play Store how to update in any country?

Supercell test Clash Royale out in only a few select countries ( Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and New Zealand), and they will launch global version in March next month, before that they may spend more time improving Clash Royale Android. Good news is APKPure APP for Android is official released. You can download Clash Royale APK pre-registered Android version in APKPure APP and get Clash Royale update notification on your Android now. Let’s Play Clash Royale!

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2. Clash Royale Android Connection problems, how to fix?

Clash Royale is an online real time PVP strategy card game from Supercell. For a smooth experience, it’s important that you are connected to a reliable WIFI network or at least a solid 3G/4G connection with a reliable carrier, and that your Android device’s signal is strong. Do not play Clash Royale in a moving vehicle or on underground public transport. You may lose your battle in Arena and fight for no trophies and glory.

3. How to win a Clash Royale battle in Arena?

Well here under are Clash Royale Battle Tips and Tricks to Win More Matches, choose different cards combination (8 hero cards) wisely from your card collections in your battle deck.

Don’t be the first to attack,

Balance your attacks and defense,

Skeleton army is your best friend,

Know the most common cards inside out,

Spend your gems wisely, open more chests as you can.

Battle early, battle often!

What’s New in the Latest Version 3.3186.7

Last updated on Apr 12, 2023
• Get more Crowns and new Season Tokens even if you lose a Battle!
• Use Season Tokens to get rewards from the Season Shop!
• Pass Royale has been given an upgrade…
• Unlock the Pass that suits you – Diamond or Gold?
• New Events tab keeps fresh game modes in constant rotation!

Additional Game Information

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Requires Android

Android 5.0+