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Boom Merge

The Animal City that was once bustling and attracted many residents to live with is now polluted and engulfed in ruins. Now, you will accompany various animals to work together and break those baseless curses in Boom merge.

But first, you have to role-play as a real hero to save the animal inhabitants from destruction, and you can use magical powers to match the remaining pieces.

welcome to City Boom!Where you can attack, spin, and raid coins from your friends!Don’t want to spin and raid…? You can merge and get coins too! Merge your way to your dream city! There’s so much to do in this game. Join to play with millions of players, friends and foes, worldwide!

Cat Springs, once a famous holiday resort where all felines could purr in peace. After a mysterious attacker raided the grounds, this once prosperous land is left with nothing but the remains of what it used to be.
Are you ready to bring Cat Springs back to its former glory?

Features of Boom Merge

Raid your friends & show them who’s the master!

Looking for revenge? You can raid your friends who attacked your city. Pillage them to get your treasures back! You can also attack other players from around the world to you reach the top of the leaderboard.

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Merge & Create whatever you need!

Merge hundreds of items to create whatever your kitty wants. Keep merging and collecting rewards to grow your fantasy city!

A Tap to Win Big!

Play games and complete merge tasks to win free spins. Spin and get as many as you can for huge slot rewards.

Build & Make your city flourish!

Rebuild the city and become the City Boom King! Give the city a complete makeover to
attract new residents.

50+ Cards to Collect & Trade!

Over 50 cards to collect, once you’ve collected them all, you’ll win amazing prizes including gold coins & spins!

Raise Cute Pets

Dozens of pets you can raise to help you earn boosters! And your adorable pet is always there for you.

Boom Merge : Build Animal City

Merge Anything to Make The Best Item

To be able to save Animal city from the ruins, players need to merge everything in Boom Merge. Pay attention to the same items in the garden. Then use your power to upgrade them to be the best item to save the city. You can’t say it’s simple to work; come up with a strategy to combine the best items and possibly awaken more animal inhabitants.

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Boom Merge : Build Animal City

Discover many Unique Creatures and Thousands of Interesting Questions

There is no time for you to rest in this game. You must identify the precious dry and pure water and then distribute the inhabitants in Zootown appropriately. In particular, players can explore the unique beauty of a series of strange creatures, collect and see what miracles await them. Thereby, you can know many interesting characteristics of each resident and location in the city. Explore the world of Zootastic to earn many rare resources to develop the city.

Boom Merge : Build Animal City

Build Residences for Residents and Upgrade Buildings with Beautiful Decorations

Grow your city in Boom Merge with the best services to attract more residents. As more inhabitants grew, the city prospered. Then build a shelter for the animal inhabitants, even if it’s a tiny hut. Once they are provided with the right services and rest, they will follow your orders. Players can use magical abilities to merge anything in 11 tiles with different areas. In particular, you can use many different decorative items to decorate your island.

Boom Merge : Build Animal City

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  • Merge anything in the regions into the best item and use it to rescue the city from ruins.
  • Come up with a strategy to complete hundreds of puzzles with quick time and a chance to get as many items as possible.
  • Discover & collect many poisonous creatures in different areas, get them and look forward to the exciting things they bring.
  • Build warm huts for animal inhabitants, who will follow your commands when the conditions for resting are met.
  • Collect and sort the collected creatures to become the master of collecting and build a civilized city from them.

By rationally arranging these buildings, constructing and upgrading, your cities skylines will continue to evolve and eventually become a stunning metropolis, and your friends will cheer for you, epic city builder!
It’s the perfect merging games, combine games and match casual game, where you can merge anything! 10 times the fun makes you 201 happy merge!

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Are you ready to simulate the perfect mege city game and enjoy the marge & world-building puzzle game with dream merge gardens? There’s no time to lose to save Animal City!
Merge to build your unique mergeland and get the thrill.
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