Armed Herders: Buhari Needs To Speak Out Against Criminality, Says Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to make a strong statement on criminality involving armed herders.

Akeredolu made this call on Monday in an interview on Channels TV.

Akeredolu stated that a strong comment by the president on illegal bearing of arms will contribute towards improving the security situation in the country.

Akeredolu also added that it would be wonderful if the president could also insist on the prosecution of persons found with unlicensed arms.

“If the president decides that he’s going to make any statement, what all of us will expect from Mr president clearly, is for him to at least come out and let Nigerians know, as we know, that he does not support criminality. That is the essence of it. That is enough,” he said.

“The president has said before that if you find anybody with arms that are unlicensed, they should arrest them. That will be a wonderful statement again.”

He also stated that it would be beneficial to the country, if Buhari would come out to urge security agents to enforce no-grazing laws.

“Everybody in the north, has said ‘no’ to open grazing. Most of us have said so. Let us make a pronouncement on it, then the laws can follow. Laws have been made in a few states, ‘no to open grazing’, and that arms and ammunition must be lawful. If you are not lawfully in possession of such arms and ammunition, then you cannot carry them; the police must arrest,” he added.