Update: “Liverpool should not panic in the transfer window after drawing at Fulham” – Jamie Carragher

After Liverpool were held to a 2- 2 draw by Fulham in their Premier League nature, Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher gives his studies on where Jurgen Klopp’s side stand and the rest of the first weekend of the season.


Saturday’s draw at Fulham was not the Liverpool we know. Nor the Liverpool that we have seen over the last two times. It was one of the poorest performances we have seen under a Jurgen Klopp platoon. Indeed the Liverpool director came out and said that.

The way Fulham set up they did to Liverpool what Liverpool wanted to do to other brigades. They were energetic and more ready for a game of football. It’s not too frequently you see Liverpool not ready for a game of football.

But going to a recently- promoted platoon for the first game of the season, with all the energy there for their sympathizers, is occasionally too delicate to stop. You anticipate a platoon of Liverpool’s quality to be suitable to do that but it just was not to be.

We can not be too critical. It’s the first game of the season. This platoon has produced so important and you can see that the quality is there. It’s not the end of the world, there are still 37 games to go.

Most people would say Liverpool’s midfield could now be strengthened, not in terms of figures but perhaps in terms of quality and offering commodities different to what they’ve in midfield. It’s not having a go at the midfield players that they presently have, it’s just the age profile of some of the midfielders there, who are getting into their 30s.

Liverpool’s first- choice midfield- and the bone.

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that played at Fulham is getting towards the 30- age mark. You suppose a youngish and further energetic player at some stage is demanded, they have got those players there in reserve but they are all injured.

I would only want Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool to do that if they get the midfielder they want. Liverpool’s success in the transfer request has been down to not scarifying, it’s not what they have done in the history, it’s not what they are doing now and it can not be what they do in the future.


However, do not get him, If there is no midfielder they want out there. But if they feel there is one who has that quality and is available, I would like them to do it of course. But do not fear.

That is the way Liverpool assesses effects in the transfer market. However, that deal fell through in the summer and they waited until January, If you suppose about the deal with Virgil van Dijk. They did not get another center- reverse- and they did need one- but they awaited for the job that they wanted. That proved veritably successful and that is what they’ll do in midfield.

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Man Utd can not be any worse than last season.

No matter how poor Manchester United are at the moment, you would still anticipate them to beat Brighton at home.

It just shows what a director who has been in the job for two or three times and had that time to apply what he is about with his platoon can do- and you can see that with Graham Potter and Brighton.

Indeed though they lost big players in the summer, the rest of the platoon was set up and they know what to do. Manchester United aren’t at that stage right now with a new director.

I still suppose Manchester United will improve on last season. You can not see it getting any worse with their points that they got and the pretensions they conceded. The window’s not closed, they have still got a couple of weeks to get some players in.

There is a review of the players they are trying to bring in, but I have been in that position myself at Liverpool when you are trying to chase the top brigades and at times you have to suppose” Should I take a chance on this player?”. Whereas Liverpool or Manchester City do not have to take those chances. That is the benefit of being successful.

You can not judge the team until the window’s unrestricted and you will see where they go from there. Ten Hag has got a great birth in what he did with Ajax and how good they were in the titleholders League. He erected two brigades there- so you have to keep the faith with the director.

Chelsea and Spurs can challenge top two

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A lot of people may be down on Chelsea this season, but I suppose a couple of players could still come into Stamford Bridge before the window closes. They could be in a fully different position come the end of August.

Spurs could contend with Conte, especially looking at the results they got down at Liverpool and Manchester City last season. The Italian is a trainer who can relatively correctly go up against Klopp and Guardiola and not feel in any way inferior due to the success he has had abroad and then in the Premier League as well.

Spurs look a lot better than they did last season and they’ll join Chelsea in trying to close in on the top two.