Reconciliation Of Laycon, Erica Shows They Have Been Fooling Fans For Long

Reconciliation Of Laycon, Erica Shows They Have Been Fooling Fans For Long

Wahala for BBNaija lovers ooo

Una mumu no too much like this? Can you now see that all the drama Erica has been displaying towards Laycon is a plan work?

Even after the house, the fake beef still gains them so much attention as their respective fans drag, shade and tackle each other on social media space.

After being informed that Erica has finally forgiven Laycon after all he has done to her and made her passed through in the house make me remember the meme of how she looks like one unknown gun woman.

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It’s good to settle beef and let the sleeping dog rest, but to be honest, these two have no grudges with each other, all are format.

See Their Reconciliation Video

Why do they need to settle a beef on a day to another BBNaija’s season?

Can’t you see there’s more to this? They want to utilize every possible means to stay relevant because the new season will surely haunt their fame.

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I do tell people that the beef between Erica and Laycon is staged and not real. Sincerely, she’s really pissed off that night she had an issue with Laycon but after that night, the other days are just follow up.

They believe the Show viewers including other housemates fans would like to hear the gist of their reconciliation and that might still take them a long way. We call it strategy.