Download Homescapes (MOD, Unlimited Stars) 6.1.5 free on android


Homescapes is an exceptional android game created for all enthusiastic gamers looking for a puzzle game. It contains the features of over 3 distinct genres individually. Homescapes is capable of making you feel brainy, casually, and strategically in the same breath.

Moreover, you also don’t need to worry about anything before downloading this game since it’s trusted by over 100 Million gamers worldwide. If we check out the gameplay, then we can notice a convenient interface containing a beautiful home interior with dust and ancient items like telephones, chairs, beds, and those old utensils. And on the other side, it’ll offer you the puzzle gaming interface where you can either play the escaping mini-game or also can play the Candy-Crush style puzzle game to solve the candies and collecting stars.

HOMESCAPES MOD APK : Everyone likes gaming with unique and exciting features, and there are now huge categories of gaming available on internet. Many of us love to play puzzle games and many of us love adventure and story type game because these games are played for longer period of time.

There is a game in which you step into a house of a game character and you have to help him to renovate the game. These type of games are the unique and fun to play. You can play for like hours without getting bore. Playing games on smart device is awesome because you can carry your device everywhere and can continue playing your game anytime.

Today we will show you the best game in which you can do different tasks and missions to get progress in the game. This immensely popular game is Homescapes. The main character in the game is Austin and you have to help him to renovate his house again to make it beautiful.

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You can do different tasks and missions in the game and you will get 3 different levels in the game and every level has a different task to do. You are responsible for everything happen in the house because you are the only one who will help Austin in the game.

The house is not good enough in the game and in the start of the game you will be enter in a room to clear up the mess which is created. There are more features to talk about and we will also talk about the mod of this game so let’s start.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Easy Controls:

Homescapes game is super fun to play and the best thing is that this game has easy controls so that anyone can play and understand the game easily. With the ease in controls you can do tasks easily in the game.

Highly Addicted:

Since this game is unique and you have to do many tasks in the game to make the house look great again. This game is highly addicted and you can play this game for like hours without getting bore.

Free of Cost:

This game is a mod version of the Homescapes and the everything in the game is totally free of cost. You can download and play this game completely free of cost without any problem.

Disadvantages 3D Graphics:

The drawback of this game is that the graphics of the game is not 3D and game is almost on 2D graphics. But the graphics of the game is premium in 2D.

Bigger in size:

The size of the game is quite big and covers almost 200 MBs storage in your device. You need to clear some storage in your device if you want to download and install this game properly.

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Features and Unique Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is kind a unique because you step into the house and you have to help Austin to renovate his house and make it look greater again. You will decide how the house will look.

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In Homescapes, you will get 3 different levels and every level has a unique different tasks in it which you have to clear. You have to clear different tasks and missions and the house will get better and better.

Beautiful Mansion

Homescapes features a beautiful mansion which is very huge and there are many secrets in the mansion which you have to discover within the game.

Free of cost

This game is absolutely free from any charges and you require no real money in case you want to download it. Everything in the game is completely free and accessible.

Technical issues resolved

All the major and minor technical issues and bugs are now fixed within the game because the developers of this game keep the game updated with regular updates.

Mod Features Unlimited Stars

This version of Homescapes is a mod and everything in the game is unlimited. Homescapes Mod Apk will give you unlimited stars so that you will never run out of anything in the game.

Unlimited Coins

This mod version of Homescapes will give you access to unlimited coins within the game so that you can buy anything within the game and can continue your progress without any hurdle.

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How to Download

If you want this mod version of Homescapes, you need to go to the settings of your phone first.
Open the security option of your device, and then go to the unknown sources and check this box.
Now open the download link and download the mod Apk of Homescapes.
After downloading, go to the directly where you just put the Apk file.
Open the Apk game and tap on install button which is at bottom right corner.
After installation, launch the game and enjoy the mod of Homescapes in your device.

Some questions about Homescapes

Q. Is Homescapes Mod Apk free to download?
Yes! This game is absolutely free of cost and all the in-game items are unlocked completely. Users need to pay no money since this game is absolutely free and mod.

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Q. Is Homescapes Mod Apk safe to download?
This game is purely safe and secure from all the security threats and issues such as malwares, spywares, worms and hackers etc. Users can download this game without any fear of viruses.

Q. Is Homescapes Mod Apk a light weight game?
No! This game is not light weight game and consists of about 200 MBs. You need at least 200 MBs of free storage in order to download and install this game.

Q. Can I download this mod game from Google Play Store?
No! you cannot download this mod version of Homescapes from google play store because google play store does not have mod versions of the game. You can only download this game directly from internet in the form of Apk.