Chelsea gives up Marcos Alonso Amid De Jong transfer deal

Breaking News: Chelsea gives up Marcos Alonso Amid De Jong transfer deal

Chelsea super star defender; Marcos Alonso has for quite some time been connected with a transition to Barcelona, and Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong is presently firmly being connected with a transition to Chelsea.

De Jong transfer deal

The end is self-evident – in spite of the fact that it’s taken until the present version of Catalan paper Sport to be accounted for. A section trade bargain between the two is a decent thought, and a coherent one as it were.

The issue is that in current football these arrangements seldom work out, with such a lot of cash included thus many complex components to disrupt the general flow.

Alonso is evidently evaluated at under €10m by Chelsea, who might give the full back in addition to €70m for De Jong.

Generally significant for Barca is getting the Dutchman’s wages off their books, so this is the sort of thing they’ll need to consider. Yet, considering how frequently we’ve heard these thoughts proposed, and how little we see them fall off, we won’t pause our breathing.

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