“They Left Everything Behind And Run For Their Lives” – Reactions As Nigerians Sight Photo Of Afghans Crammed In Fleeing US Airforce Plane

US Airforce Plane

It is sad and terrible to see citizens of Afghanistan flee their own country with nothing only for them to save their dear lives as Taliban takes over their country.

Taliban fighters are currently occupying the Afghanistan Presidential Palace after they were able to take control of the capital city of Kabul.

In the rush to flee the Taliban, over 650 Afghans were crowded aboard one US Air Force transport plane, according to a new photo from the evacuation of Kabul.

The photograph from Sunday shows over 640 Afghans who had been allowed to escape jammed onto the C-17 Globemaster II cargo plane, considerably more than the plane’s capacity.

The photo displayed online showed residents of Kabul packed in the US military aircraft, they boarded the aircraft with absolutely nothing to carry along. See photo below;

The photo above has evoked several reactions from Nigerians who chanced upon the photo. As many pray they get saved, others have realized that everything garnered in this world is vanity. Ghgossip culled some reactions below;

avilanaturalleandfooddelta wrote: This life no balance…see them running for their life without any property… Las-las, everything is vanity

olori2tu_ wrote: This is heartbreaking……starting life all over again without an idea of what to expect……

bianca_chidiamara_adeniran wrote: God in heaven, please we beg of you, this should never happen to Nigerians.

samariabub_ wrote: America will always intervene but how long will you keep helping those we don’t want to help themselves. I support our president

mohzadd wrote: There is always a time when all that matters is survival…Then money will not count..

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