SUNDAY IGHOHO Raising up to 50 million Naira within days

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SUNDAY IGHOHO Raising up to 50 million Naira within days and appointed Olayomi Koiki as the New Media Representative.

It was like Lottery as Sunday Ighoro raised up to 36 thousand pounds this morning to support Yoruba Movement and more are still giving. It was like dream come true, Yoruba will finally free from herdsman. The news confirmed by reveals Olayomi Koiki a London based Press has been appointed as new media associate.
Sunday Igboho has said he will not be granting interviews again as he names Olayomi Koiki as media aide.
Sunday Igboho has been in the news lately because of his campaigns against killer-herdsmen in the South West.
Igboho also denied some reports that he is calling for civil war, adding that any news that comes from Koiki is authentic.
In a short video, he said: “I have been seeing fake news flying here and there, some said I’m not scared of civil war, any news that you see henceforth that is not from believe it.
“Anything Koiki says about me is true because we sleep and wake up together every day.”
“This fight is not about a civil war, it is about the killer herdsmen who are killing are people,” Sunday Igboho added.

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