SENSE OR TRASH ?? Herdsmen Took Up Weapons After Being Brutalized – Sheik Gumi Confidently Says

Written by Domoredo2

Prominent Islamic cleric and scholar, Ahmad Gumi has explained why herdsmen across the country took up arms like AK-47, others.

In an interview on TVC, Gumi alleged that herdsmen took up arms after being continously brutalized by security forces and neglected by the government.

He said;

“I blame everybody, from the President to you, the man speaking. I blame everybody. It is a combination of small, small issues here and there that produced this monster. Everybody is at fault. I don’t want any Nigerian to exonerate himself.

“The media plays a part by polarising the nation. Even journalists helped in stirring this ethnic chauvinism we see all over the country. Government has neglected these people all along and they were using a hammer to kill a fly.

“To the southern Nigerians, #EndSARS is not a reason to understand why these herdsmen took up weapons. They were brutalised by the military, not only the police, for a lot of time, and not only in this regime. We should not be surprised.”

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