[NEWS] The birth of Unicoin ( UCN ) A cryptocurrency created with Africa and the whole world in mind.

[NEWS] The birth of Unicoin ( UCN ) A cryptocurrency created with Africa and the whole world in mind.

[NEWS] The birth of Unicoin ( UCN ) A cryptocurrency created with Africa and the whole world in mind.

The birth of Unicoin ( UCN ) A New cryptocurrency created with Africa and the whole world in mind.

Warning: This is unlike any other coin or whitepaper you see out there. Here we are direct and aim to speak to your understanding.
In recent times, the most recurring word on the lips and in the minds of people current with finance and investment trends is Cryptocurrency. After the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and its steady rise, there has been a lot of buzz around crypto coins. There have been a lot of coins founded and ICO’s launched bringing the estimated number of crypto coins in circulation to about 1,200. If you missed the opportunity of investing in Bitcoin, Lite coin, Ripple coin, Ethereum at the initial stage, then UNICOIN is for YOU.
UNICOIN is a more stable and secure medium of exchange, it guarantees maximum privacy and protection and it is built on a secure peer to peer blockchain technology. It definitely inherited the advantages of the blockchain technology, such as decen- tralization, open source, tamper-proof and anonymous transactions, to solve many challenges like data security and data verification. By using a peer to peer tech without any third party interference, verification is more secure, faster and seamless.
Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger recording technology. It can record transactions in a secure, transparent, decentralized, efficient, and low-cost way. Blockchain technology originated with bitcoin as a bottom-level technology. It was originally used to record historical transactions of encrypted digital currencies. As research on digital currencies went deeper, the underlying blockchain technology
was separated from bitcoin and further developed as it related to cryptography, network topology, and consensus algorithms. Blockchain technology may be applied in many areas. These include currency transfer, remittance, and e-payment systems—smart contracts in financial markets, and social applications such as notary services, voting, and healthcare delivery.
UNICOIN also intends to aid and ensure easy international trade, and by the nature of Crypto Currency, Coins are not affected by Inflation, Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, Transaction Charges or levies imposed by a specific country. UNICOIN does all these and more, get ready to be wowed…

UNICOIN’s ICO Philosophy

 Ease of access: Every product of UNICOIN aims to help communicate its true goal and objective, and it has been carefully and thoughtfully orchestrated with simplicity in view. Giving a non tech-savvy individual total ease of access to navigate about its product without any support supervision. Any of its product whether web app, mobile app, wearables and gadgets that communicates complexity will be constantly optimized till it attains its most simplistic form.
 Flexibility: Every product of UNICOIN (in this case the ICO) has been programmatically designed to be reusable and flexible for any developer to take on its project and easily optimize or structure its code base without stress. All scripting languages used has been clearly commented to give a roadmap and pathway to what a function does and its hierarchy to make reference to.
UNICOIN’s ICO User Accounts and Database
After every signups, a cookie session is assigned for every successful login and its IP address among other information (which are kept private and encrypted so only the system can read and write to these information) are logged and if the IP address of the most recent login does not match or is not close in relation to the IP address used when the account was registered, it gets flagged and a medium priority notification is sent to the mail of the registered user notifying of suspicious login attempt, and if the user confirms being responsible for the login (by a successfully login), the new IP address gets logged with the previous to serve as a remembrance table to handle the suspicious login attempt mails.
All passwords are encrypted after login with MD5 hash to prevent user account hacks from the database. Provided as a means of security is a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer level of security to the user account.
Users can be assured that their account is totally safe and cannot be tampered with by attackers except it’s a fault from them. And if so, we can be contacted and an account reset can and will be performed as per their request.
Mails and Transactions
Support mails have been thoroughly designed and tested for communication of the best user experience. They also have been digitally signed and are TLS protected so mails received by clients are totally safe and links are spam free. This also helps to identify Phishing/Fake mails in the guise of being from UNICOIN.
Transactions in UNICOIN are secured with end-to-end encryption adding a third layer level security to transactions done on its platforms. Also, a Cross Site
Request Forgery (CSRF) protection has been embedded and programmatically fused to all forms present in and on all its platform to prevent against any type of request forgery attacks and threats.
PS, Bot Agents have been strategically positioned to monitor activity traces within its platform to report potential threats from suspicious activities on the platform and if attack is eminent, the user and IP address from which an attack is coming from is soft-blocked and reported. So you can be assured every presumable attack or threat has been carefully considered and actions has been set in place to be taken to prevent such attacks.
What Problem are we looking to solve?
We have taken note and studied a vast majority of the crypto coins in circulation, and we discovered one major problem in existence, this is the problem of Usage. A large percentage of the founders of crypto coins in existence develop coins, launch ICOs and leave the coins in the marketplace in hope that investors would find use for them when the time is right. That narrative has been the trend since 2008, and we have identified, for this exact reason was UNICOIN created.
UNICOIN’s Solution to This Problem
ICO’s have seized the digital world, there are so many of them that it is hard to tell the difference but UNICOIN was specifically created primarily to solve this problem of Usage, in addition to other benefits.
With UNICOIN you do not have to wait or find the right time to use your coin. We intend to establish and grow coin-centric businesses. Basically, we intend to make it easier to use this coin as a means of exchange instead of just buying and selling through wallets by creating businesses that will use the coin as a medium of exchange.
By December 2022, with the traction gained in our plans and progress in the implementation process, there will be a minimum of five (5) businesses for which UNICOIN will be the major medium of exchange or currency. This will solve the issue of Usage.
Investors can purchase UNICOIN at 50 cents and during the full launch of the coin, the coin will be priced at 1$, which automatically means there is a 50 cents profit on every coin purchased. There is little risk involved, as there is a high return on investment on every coin purchased. More so, there will be the creation of a major crypto exchange where Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin, Ripple coin and UNICOIN can be exchanged for one another. Our users will not be limited to finding existing users of UNICOIN before exchange or a trade can be made.
UNICOIN’s Projected Evolution
We believe that with the plans we have, UNICOIN will no doubt become a highly valuable crypto asset in terms of Use and also in Application in your daily transactions.
UNICOIN is here to ensure that there is relative ease as well as much more use for the coin through UNICOIN supportive businesses to ensure usage of the coins. UNICOIN is also here to ensure that there will be value for the money invested and satisfaction as well. We intend to explore and discover with you as our partner, how much more UNICOIN can become.
Projected businesses to be launched on UNICOIN before December 2022;
1. Transportation Company such as Uber, Taxify, Lyft.
 2. Crypto Coin Exchange and Investment Platform
3. E-Commerce Stores
4. Online Music Streaming Platform
5. Payment Gateway
6. Mobile Game
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