[NEWS] Drama in Port Harcourt church as Pastor refuses to wed couple for being late

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The head Pastor of the Fulfilling Word Foundation church in Port Hacourt is presently making headlines for refusing to wed a couple right away because they arrived 5 minutes late to church.

According to viral reports, despite pleas, the pastor went to his office and declined to wed them at the appointed time.

He left the couple waiting for one hour and allegedly said he will wed them at his own convenience inside his office, not in the church as expected.

As some point the bride breaks down in tears while the groom tries to console her outside the church building.


Those defending the pastor clashed with those who were on the side of the heartbroken couple.

Sharing footage from the Fulfilling Word Foundation church, the wedding photographer wrote: “Annoying events at the wedding I was covering today in PH

“The couple came 5 minutes late and pastor left the church, kept us for 1 hour and said he’ll join them in his office after returning

“Some pastors are feeling like God.”

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