I NEED HELP!! My Fiance’s Younger Sister Wants Me To Have S3x With Her – Please, What Should I Do?

A  user sent us this mail narrating the problem he’s currently facing in his relationship.

Below is what he sent to us:-

I’m seriously in a deep mess and confused right now. I honestly don’t know what to do to get myself out of this nonsense.

My girlfriend’s younger sister is into me. She wants me to have sex with her. She has been throwing herself at me big time.

I don’t want to have anything to do with the girl because 👇

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👉 I’m trying to keep my relationship intact with my girl, that’s why I don’t want to have s3x with her young sister.

👉 Also, I don’t want to break her family because if I report her to her sister, she will send her packing and won’t take care of her again. Sad thing is that both of them are an orphan.

What She Does Always

Ever since the COVID19 lockdown, all the Staff at our office have been instructed to work from home and ever since then, life has been so hard for me.

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Whenever my wife is not around (maybe she goes to work or church), her sister will come to my room without wearing bra with her nipple showing.

Any time she comes, she always says => “I wish I met you before my sister. I pray both of you get separated so that I can take care of you better than my sister is doing“.

She is very stubborn, arrogant, reluctant, desperate & seductive.

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If care or actions are not taken by me, things might fall apart. If my girl sense anything, she can lie to her sister that I want to rape her or something.

I sincere need your help 👇

Please, What Should I Do To Get Myself Out Of This Mess?

I sincerely need your kind response so I can live a happy life with my woman.

I will be in the comment section expecting your comments

Thank you

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