Gist: Why I Don’t Reply My Critics – Wizkid

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Nigerian music star and songwriter Ayodeji Balogun well known as Wizkid has disclosed the reason why he doesn’t respond to critics from people.

In an interview with This Day, Wizkid disclosed people cannot be pleased.

He added that one isn’t smart when they choose to reply to every critic on social media to prove a point.

He added that as a person who understands his importance, he can’t live his life based on people’s opinions.

It’s very easy.

Only a stupid man will go around trying to prove a point to the world and even at that, you’ll find that you can’t please everyone, that you cannot live off of people’s opinions.

I think once you understand yourself and your true essence, nothing will faze you, people’s opinions won’t faze you.

I’m just more of a private person, and I handle situations in that manner.
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